HAYQ - Armenian Application

The application «HAYQ - ARMENIAN APPLICATION» is created for the Armenians all over the world, and it aims to bring together the Armenian people to its historical roots and traditions, as well as for everyone interested in the Armenians to obtain initial information. The application is created in Armenian, English and Russian languages and includes the following sections:

~ interactive Armenian alphabet,~ sights of Armenia,~ Lord’s prayer, ~ remind-me calendar (significant dates and events),~ prominent Armenians,~ chronology of Armenian history,~ Armenian genocide of 1915,~ Diaspora,~ Armenian music (750 and more).

Open access resources and materials have been used for the creation of this application. The authors would like to express their sincere appreciation to all Armenians providing the necessary information and supporting this i-product promotion.

Funds received from the sale of the application will be partially used for charity in Armenia, and the application users will be notified about it.